Welcome to Picked, Painted & Prayed

We hope that you will feel inspired by your new space !

We provide clients with the highest possible level of service anywhere in the area.

From concept through implementing the space & furniture makeovers, to the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on the our team to deliver a personal environment tailored specifically for you or your organization. By interpreting an individual client’s style and needs, our passionate & experienced artists & designers can successfully incorporate function while following current trends.

  • Interior Design
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  • Kitchen Design
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  • Flooring Design
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Why P3

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients, exceeding every goal for a piece, space, design or design/build and to deliver it on time and on budget. We do our best to not only offer the most fair service pricing but also are flexible with payments and working around schedules to ease any time recreating the space away from it’s meant use. We communicate thoroughly with our clients and also give a price break on large or multiple projects.


Vision & Mission

Life IS Beautiful and we seek to bring out what is in our clients hearts in expression of art in all of our work as to share with the world our clients vision of what beautiful means to them and leave them with an environment that provides that as inspiration every day. We take our clients very seriously and it is also important that when working with corporate or business clients that we ensure a great return on investment.


Our Values

Our Mission in everything we do is to honor God. We have done that from our humble beginnings and we continue to do that by honoring the opportunities He gives us to work with all of His creation. It is important to us to give our 100% and also leave light and love in the work that we provide as a reminder of God’s presence in each space. We are dedicated to our prayer ministry and pray over every person we work with, pieces and spaces we complete.

Latest project

We believe in long term value, which we achieve by recreating pieces or spaces that are already part of a clients space and allowing them a new environment without the added cost or construction or new pieces.

Efficiently providing our clients whether it be a small beach house, apartment, home or a restaurant, retail shop, corporate meeting space, churches, offices or retreat centers, with a re-working of their space so that it improves the mission of what it is intended for, is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about renewing a space and honoring a sustainable environment as it not only saves, time, mess and money but it creates value into what you have already invested in it.